Maker (MKR) is listed on CROSSexchange! !

Cross exchange based in Azerbaijan, the Middle East, announced the listing of Maker (MKR) on May 10. We will explain listing schedule details and Maker (MKR).

About CROSS exchange

In addition to transparency by disclosing trading platforms, transaction data, etc. to users and “Cross exchange”, the company has acquired financial license No. 1 of virtual currency in Azerbaijan Republic and is putting emphasis on robustness as an exchange. You It is also characterized by the fact that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users through fee payouts based on unique tokens and “automatic mining” functions not seen on other exchanges.

About Maker

Maker is an open platform that allows everyone to use fair, high quality financial services and fair credit transactions. This platform allows you to manage stable coin DAI price adjustments and ownership rights with the USD.
Coin name: Maker
Tickercode: MKR
Listing place: Innovation board
5/11 (SAT) 4:00 (UTC) Deposits start
5/12 (SUN) 4:00 (UTC) Trading begins
Trading Pairs: MKR/USDT

<What is Maker?>
Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain with the objective of minimizing the price volatility of its own stablecoin Dai, against the U.S. Dollar. In contrast to DAI the price of Maker itself is volatile. Maker is a utility token and the price increases with the usage of the Dai.
Maker holders can vote for the risk management and business logic of the Maker system. MKR coins cannot be mined, but they can be purchased on several exchanges. Maker operates on the principle of margin trading. Dai tokens are secured by CDP-collateral for debt obligations, which are sent to a smart contract and are a platform for margin trading. This framework allows developers to provide affordable prices, as well as guarantee a high level of security.

Coin Information

Market Cap: $531,689,980 USD
24 Hour Volume: $4,409,756 USD
Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 MKR
Total Supply: 100,000,000 MKR
(Current data as of 5/8/2019)

Listing schedule

Listing Location: Main Board

5/10 (Fri) 13:00 (JST) Start of deposit and withdrawal
5/11 (Sat) 13:00 (JST) Start trading

Trading pair: MKR / BTC

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