[Participation with Easy Settings] XEX Return Rate UP! Automatic Relock-up Campaign!

We will explain the “Automatic Relock-up Campaign” held for a limited time at the crypto asset exchange CROSS exchange.

“What is the XEX token?”
“What are the benefits of holding the XEX token?”
“What happens if you participate in the Automatic Relock-up Campaign?”

I think you may have such questions, so I will explain them more in detail.
CROSS exchange users can benefit from the Automatic Relock-up Campaign that allows users to increase their distribution rate more according to the amount of XEX they have locked up on the exchange, thus receiving more dividends.
This article I will introduce you to XEX tokens and campaigns in an easy-to-understand manner.

Benefits of holding XEX tokens

The XEX token is a token issued by CROSS exchange, an Azerbaijan-based crypto asset exchange.
The advantages of holding XEX tokens are summarized in three points:
① Right to receive dividends from CROSS exchange
② Vote for coins listed on CROSS exchange
③ Right to participate in significant resolutions of the exchange
In this article, we will dive into further details of ① above as CROSS exchange is currently running a campaign focused on this.

Holders of XEX tokens can receive dividends of up to 80% of the fees incurred on CROSS exchange by holding XEX tokens. In other words your asset holdings will increase just by holding and using XEX, as XEX generates commission fees each time you trade on CROSS exchange.
For example, assume you own 1 BTC and the price of 1 BTC is 800,000 Yen. If you buy and sell at the same price, the assets you buy and sell will be “800,000 yen” by “distributing XEX.”
Under the CROSS exchange revenue distribution plan, XEX holders can receive as much as 20% of daily commission income received by the exchange as a dividend, or by locking your XEX for a certain period (deposits on the exchange) with increased distribution rates also being available.
The distribution rate per lock-up period is as follows:

Lock Period Distribution Fees Hourly Limit Dividend rate after the end of mining
0 Days 100% 1,000 XEX 0%
30 Days 108% 1,200 XEX 40%
60 Days 118% 1,500 XEX 60%
90 Days 130% 2,500 XEX 80%

In a mining plan, the exchange automatically trades on behalf of the user when it is normally conducted manually, and after the user selects a currency pair to be mined and determines the amount to be used for the trade, the exchange automatically trades according to the settings.
The transaction fees in this case are converted to XEX, and the user can receive a certain percentage of XEX. In addition, the longer the lock period is, the higher the dividend rate will be. Therefore, you have the opportunity to select a lock-up period that can maximize your profits without any loss.
Be aware of the amount of money deposited, as you can not immediately transfer or buy or sell funds when the price changes significantly while you are locked into the CROSS exchange exchange.

XEX Automatic Relock-up Campaign

Cross exchange will hold the Automatic Relock-up Campaign that can increase profit rewards ratio between February 28 (THU) 13:00 JST ~ May 31 (FRI) 12:59 JST.
Normally, the automatic relock-up function does not increase the rewards rate, but during this campaign it is possible to increase the rewards rate by automatic relock-up. This automatic relock-up function has the benefit of being able to prevent the problem where the rewards rate falls without the user noticing that the lock-up period has expired.
The following is the rewards rate when automatic relock-up is conducted:

As a result, 30% of the lock period is 3% higher than the dividend return rate, 60% of the lock period is 6% higher than the dividend return rate, and 90% of the lock period is 12% higher. There is no change in the dividend bonus afterwards.
If the lock period goes from 30 to 60 days, the dividend redemption rate will be doubled, but if the lock period is 90 days, the dividend redemption rate will be quadrupled. Therefore, if you want to automatic relock over the long term, you can use it for a great deal by selecting 90 days rather than 60 days.
If you sell after the end of the lock period, you should also be cautious about market conditions, such as whether the market price has dropped significantly at the time of the sale.
In addition, I think that there are those who are troubled by selling or continuing to lock, but actually, compared with the total asset value of trade mining and relocking after deducting the tax portion, relocking your total assets results in an increased total asset value of about 16% or more. There is more trade mining for the increased assets, but the amount of sales is taxed, so the profit is reduced. In other words, if you continue to put on a 90-day lock without selling XEX, the total assets will increase by about 16%.
Detailed articles are introduced in the blogs of those using CROSS exchange, so we will introduce them.
A Thorough comparison of trade mining and relock is the best! !
Even so, blogs written about CROSS exchange clearly express the strength of the CROSS community. I think that there are many aspects to which the supporters and the community enlarge the project of blockchain, so CROSS may be a project that represents such.
CROSS exchange


Participation in the automatic relock-up campaign, which will be held from February 28 for about three months, will increase a user’s payout ratio. Also, the longer the lock period, the more revenue a user can receive. One point of caution in the campaign is that the longer the lock period, the more difficult it is to manage the funds according to the market conditions and risk increases. Make sure that the amount deposited to the exchange is within your own risk toleration.