To the Age When Anyone can Make a Car! The Rise of Individual Business and the Possibility of Blockchain

To the world where anyone can make a car–.
It is the headline of the article that caught the eye in the Nikkei newspaper the other day. In the automotive industry, initiatives that make use of new technologies and ideas, such as automated driving, IoT (fusion of things and the Internet), sharing, etc., stand out. Among them, a business model called a car manufacturing kit that “everyone can make a car” has appeared.

With the shape of this new world in place, what kind of work and money can you use from now on? This is a story that is also relevant to those active as investors, such as cryptographic assets and stocks, so please read it to the end.

In the age when anyone can make cars with the “Manufacturing Kit of Cars”!

The startup company GLM is developing a car manufacturing kit that allows anyone to make electric vehicles (EVs). For example, even people who do not have the know-how in car manufacturing and development can say that anyone can enter into car making if they have the idea that they want this kind of car. GLM already offers this service, focusing on start-up companies interested in EV development.
(Reference:  Nikkei Shimbun, 2019/5/4, Car Different Dimension Offensive Yamato IT, IT Emerging, Eyes of Typhoon)
When it comes to manufacturing cars, a large business is at the center, and a business model that uses a network of over 100 different parts companies and that uses the size of the scale has been mainstream. However, with the further development of car manufacturing kits, it is possible not only for small and medium enterprises, which had given up the industry entry due to the small scale, but also for individuals to give their ideas and create their own original cars. It will be.

Anyone can start a business with just an idea.

This is not limited to car manufacturing only. For example, 3D printers, which now have one million yen or more, will generally have their prices reduced as they are generally distributed.
Also, from now on, the era of “division of labor” will come more and more. Recently, like the rise of freelance, it is a world where you can work only in your area of ​​expertise. The business mechanism “I just need your idea. The actual work will be done here” may be expected to increase in the future.

What You Need is Not Just an Idea …

What is necessary for such an “idea-type business” is “trust” which is also essential to the success of the old business. It is important that people buy goods and services not from the contents of the product, but from whom.
Therefore, any business cannot be established without “trust as a person” first. Blockchains are attracting attention as a means of transmitting information to many people without violating their privacy.
A blockchain is a mechanism that records transaction information and history of cryptographic assets (virtual currency) and distributes the information among networks. Because information is distributed and stored on individual PCs, etc., it is necessary to rewrite data on all networks if others tamper with the data.
Thus, blockchains are considered to be a very secure place to store information, because malicious third parties can not intentionally alter data.
And from now on, not only personal information but also data such as credit information and results of work will become important (digital) assets of people. A blockchain is attracting attention as a place to store those assets.

Personal-type business is expanding! Expectations on blockchains

We are already developing blockchain systems that handle such personal information. A representative company is Softbank, in collaboration with TBCASoft, which develops blockchain technology, started verification experiments of ID information management and certification.
(Reference: COINTELEGRAPH, 2019/2/26, personal information management Softbank establishes working group with block chain technology)
Even now, we use multiple services and provide personal information to the operators. The individual’s identity information management depends on the security and operation system of the business operator, and it is so to say centralized. No matter how big a socially credible company is, there is no guarantee that our personal information will not be abused.
Therefore, we are developing a service that enables ID issuance, storage, and authentication without storing personal information that we do not want to share, storing ID information in block chains that do not rely on a centralized system, mainly at Softbank.

Value analysis of cryptographic asset investment is also important … but without forgetting personal value

If you have an idea, such as a car manufacturing kit, the scope of your personal business will expand. Whether it is an idea maker, a person who carries out work, or a person who only provides funds, “the creditworthiness of each person” will be the most important world by further division of labor.
In addition, as a system for storing personal information linked to such individual creditworthiness and ID, block chains should be increasingly focused in the future. Then, the demand and attention of the whole market of crypto assets will increase, and it can be expected that the currency value will be improved more than ever.
This is encouraging for investors who are positive about the potential of cryptographic assets and virtual currencies.
As an investor, it is important to analyze individual stocks and determine their proper value. It will also be important to invest in financial products for future asset formation.
On the other hand, considering the future of evolving times, first looking back on whether you can invest in personal value may be the top priority. It is good to invest in financial assets to get asset management and savings funds, but you should also invest in yourself and learn the skills and ability to cope with the changing times in the future. Hmm.


This time it was a story that is not directly related to investment, but since the funds to invest are coming from your own pocket, these topics cannot be avoided. The future life design will greatly change depending on the strategy, such as whether to spend the remaining 100,000 yen of monthly salary all for crypto asset investment or half for self-investment and half for asset management. It will be.

In the future, more and more companies will use blockchains, and the market for cryptographic assets should be greatly affected. Not only that, but also remember that the business environment may change in the future, you should consider investing in yourself so that you can cope with the new world.