Which Cryptocurrency Grew the Most in 2018? Some Cryptos have Grown About Four Times in the Bear Market

The Bitcoin price topped 600,000 Yen in April 2019 and positive news is returning to the cryptocurrency market. With the rise in Bitcoin, the mood of the whole market will be brightened, and you may not have been as excited about currency selection since late 2017.
So, what is the crypto that is likely to grow the most in 2019? In this article, we will talk about the top 10 cryptos that showed rapid growth during 2018. Among them, there are cryptos that have grown more than four times in this bear market providing high hopes that there will be other featured cryptos this year.

A list of Cryptocurrencies that grew significantly in the year of 2018

The cryptocurrency market in 2018 began with the Chinese government tightening restrictions on cryptocurrencies, and it was a year that could be called the dark season, such as with the credibility of the entire market being compromised due to the hacking of major exchange Coincheck.
The market capitalization of the entire market was about 80 trillion Yen during January 2018, but it has shrunk to about 10 trillion Yen to 1/8 at its low point during December 2018.
On the other hand, the news that the Bitcoin price had recovered to 600,000 Yen in April of 2019 has attracted great attention. Also in 2018, when the entire market was in a state of malaise, there were several cryptos that exhibited significant growth.
You can check the hourly, daily, and weekly charts at a glance on the information site https://coincodex.com, but you can also check the growth of cryptocurrency on a yearly basis. This means that it is easy to find out how much a particular crypto has risen (fallen) between 2018 and 2019.
Here, 10 coins are picked and introduced based on the one-year price increase rate:

(Data as of April 14th, 2019)
Crypto Currency Abbr. Unit Current Price 1 Year Growth Rate
Crypto.com Chain Token CRO 9.05 Yen 411.06%
Ravencoin RVN 7.01 Yen 62.59%
Binance Coin BNB 2,165.52 Yen 59.69%
Basic Attention Token BAT 36.28 Yen 59.58%
ChainLink LINK 58.55 Yen 48.61%
Holo HOT 0.131 Yen 21.32%
Maker MKR 70,350 Yen 7.91%
OKB OKB 176.90 Yen 3.38%
Tether USDT 113.66 Yen 1.71%
True USD TUSD 113.04 Yen 0.44%

Exchange Coins and Stable Coins are Strong! Intro to Featured Currencies

The most remarkable brand in the past year was CRO, which has shown a 4x increase.
CRO was developed in 2018 for the purpose of developing debit cards for cryptocurrency. By using a debit card backed by the CRO currency, users are able to save money at the same time as existing credit cards, and users enjoy zero fees.
Although it has not been a year since CRO has been issued, it is no exaggeration to say it has become the most talked about cryptocurrency in 2018 because of its unique features. Also, in the table above, there are a number of other notable cryptos that we will focus on so let’s talk about this in more detail in the next section.

Binance Coin (BNB), OKB (OKB)

Binance Coin is a token issued from the exchange “Binance” and OKB is a token issued from the exchange “OKEx.” Recently, attention has been focused on tokens issued by these overseas exchanges independently, with Binance Coin and OKB achieving great growth in one year.
Unique exchange tokens have many benefits, such as half the fees on the exchange and receiving AirDrops (free distributions) of specific cryptocurrencies. Not only is that, but the value of the exchange tokens themselves are increasing while attracting attention as a crypto for investment.

Holo Chain

Holo is a cryptocurrency that has attracted the attention of some investors, whose value has risen by nearly 20% in a year. Due to its unique characteristics, it gradually gained popularity and was eventually selected by popular vote for being listed on Binance.
Explaining Holo in very simple terms, it is “a rental server that can now be lent to individuals” service. For example, to publish a website on the internet or launch a blog, you need a server to publish the information, but you have to use a large amount of equipment, funds, and troublesome security checks to prepare it by yourself. If you rent space to a server rental company, the cost will be minimal. In technical terms, this rental server is called “hosting.”
Holo has succeeded in decentralizing this hosting on personal computers using the blockchain (officially named Holochain). Then, servers that business operators have lent can be lent out as hosting, even for the individual. When hosting on an individual basis, it is a system that lends the unused capacity of your personal computer to other users participating in Holochain. Users who use the rental server can use it for asset management like mining, in order to pay the “rewards” to the lenders. Because there is a possibility of getting more attention in the future, it is not bad to check it out now.

Tether / True USD

Tether, True USD, etc. are called “stable coins.” Because certain currencies and values ​​are linked and have stable price movement, they are often used as substitutes for legal currencies, mainly at overseas exchanges. Tether and True USD are linked to the value of the USD. In other words, when $1 = 100 Yen, Tether and True USD are also worth 100 Yen per token. Compared to Bitcoin, price fluctuation of several tens of thousands of Yen a day does not occur.
However, because the value is stable, the value as a crypto for investment is also lower. When using Tether or True USD, it is mostly used as a substitute currency at overseas exchanges where legal currency is not available. Because the value is stable, the value of use as a substitute currency is high.


The currency that grew the most in 2018 was CRO’s 400% growth, but the strong currencies such as Holo had more tendency to grow. In addition, you can see that it has grown rapidly in the past year, especially with stable coins that are easily talked about recently and tokens issued by exchanges.
On the other hand, there are also cryptocurrencies that have shown a sharp decline this past year.
・Divi Project (DIVI): -92.46%
・ICON (ICX): -83.01%
・OmiseGo (OMG): -80.38%
・NEO (NEO): -80.19%
・Qtum (QTUM): -78.86%
(Reference: CoinCodex, 2019/04/14)
In particular, OmiseGo and NEO have often been introduced as promising cryptos in the past, but it is better to record a big negative in one year and watch for a little more for the future.